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At Eternal Energy Resources we are inspired and moved by the absolutely unlimited nature of the human spirit, that restless questing for discovery, shifting boundaries, a spark that ignites creativity, development and innovation.

We note that Nobel Prizes continue to honour ground breaking achievements in medicine and several other fields , we see incredible technological  advances in almost every facet of  science.

We can land a man on the moon and interplanetary travel are a looming reality and did you know that 3D printers are employed on the International Space Station in order to rapidly produce spare parts?

In the Arts, from Music to Poetry and Literature to Paintings, humanity has been blessed by the depths, scope and heights that have been explored, discovered and exhibited to the World throughout time.

In science and technology we continue to marvel at unfolding adaptive brilliance that makes every day living, simpler and more comfortable, even in deprived areas of this planet.

Someone we know invented the wheel and thats an opportunity gone by, however we can ride on the wheels of tech, through innovation and push the boundaries to the extent that life is enhanced, made more enjoyable and more rewarding, in content and in purpose, for everyone.

Closer to home and widely acclaimed as the Third Industrial Revolution, the 3D printing phenomenon has brought into tangible reality, the virtual. We have travelled through the Bronze Age to the Iron Age and now, where we manipulate plastics and Nylon to create. Whilst the traditional manufacturing and printing industries continue to experience development, the introduction of 3D printing demolishes barriers and  permits personalisation of the manufacturing process through easy, simple and affordable prototyping.

Our team at Eternal Energy Resources consists of a talented family of pioneering individuals motivated and excited by the boundless possibilities of creativity through the science of  3D printing.

This wealth of abilities coalesces with a drive for integrity and excellence to generate a passion to create and deliver a meaningful existence to humanity in our enterprises, projects and interests. 

Eternal Energy Resources Ltd is absolutely unlimited in exploring and developing the shifting frontiers of old and new technology for the benefit of mankind.

One of our objectives therefore, besides participating in this revolution, is to enhance the ability to transform a vision or dream into a reality!



If you can imagine it, and by that we mean an object or device or concept, our joy is to help in the process of bringing it to a physical reality, let us share the excitement together!

Dream it - Give it a digital life - Create it!



Who does not like fun, we do? So join your project with our mission and lets get this party started, call us today, we will sort it for you, enjoy the ride!!!


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